5 pieces of advice for entrepreneurs in 2018, the international social media agency point of view

Even at first glance everyone is under the impression that social media is a piece of cake, in order for a company and a brand to have the right, strategic social media presence and content, specialists need to intervene. As an entrepreneur one is watching every penny spent, therefore any decision taken on this side must be also very well put in balance. Anca Muraru, Founder & CEO at The smmile, wrote a point of view meant to help you a lot in making the right choices and steps in 2018.

  1. Strategic thinking

When joining social media, we need to understand this is more of a long-distance running than a sprinting kind of game.

Start by knowing why your company should (or should not) be present on social media. What’s your role and purpose there? If you have no clue or reply “because everyone is there”, this is the first sign of a shaky foundation for your social media efforts. Learn who your target audience is and where they spend time. Dig in and really understand. It is a cliche, but it needs to be said until companies truly understand this.

Set goals, know what you want to create, find more than one solution, test them, monitor and adapt them periodically.

As in life, with social media short-term wins can be fulfilling, but they will fade in no time if they are not sustained by a long-time perspective.  

  1. Automation + human touch = love

Though a debatable topic, for companies that understand it and use it wisely, automation can bring great benefits - it saves time, offers clarity and provides opportunities for more sustainable growth. However, automation understood as a way of letting a chatbot or a tool to take care of customer relationships and substitute lack of creativeness is why we might hear that “automation is bad”.

Chatbots, tools and apps that help you schedule content, offer valuable insights about customer behaviour and help you be on top of your social media efforts can be the advantage you need when competition doesn’t want to adapt.

Therewith, content is still king.

Use automation where tools can help with all the repetitive and time consuming tasks, but save your time for where the real value is - your content, creativity and human touch. Know what’s working for you, what doesn’t perform, know the game’s rules and put in time for creating valuable content. Know your why, be consistent, add value and always be ready to listen. 

  1. Customer experience

Since most companies opt primarily for a Facebook Page, let’s take a look at the current situation. Though 89% of social messages get ignored, the customer-brand interaction is increasing. What does this tell us? We can get quite some insights from this, but one thing that you should be aware of is that people don’t necessarily want to listen to what a company has to say and don’t actively seek for your content, but they will engage with high-value, relevant content, they will complain when they have an issue (mentioning your Facebook Page), will leave reviews and will write or call you directly via Facebook for any inconvenience.

Companies cannot ignore social customer care anymore. If in the past customers used to contact companies via email and phone, nowadays most users find it natural to communicate via social messaging, raise their indignation towards bad customer experience publicaly and expect to receive the attention they need directly where they spend time... and as soon as possible (less than 60 minutes).

When talking about customer experience, we also have to discuss about thinking from a mobile perspective.

According to Facebook’s quarterly reports, mobile advertising revenue represents almost 90% of total advertising revenue. Also, more than 90% of Facebook monthly active users spend time on mobile. Moreover, the six most used social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat) either are created as mobile apps or have each more than 60% of users spending time on mobile.

Therefore, it’s easily understandable why huge copy or no eye-catchy content could be seen as wasted time for you and/or your Social Media Manager.

  1. Being harshly honest

When you want to be on all the social networks, aim to use the best tools, have amazing content, engaging conversions and huge results, be realistic about the current and future resources. Your results will be substantially better if effort is directed towards just a few aspects that are done extremely well, measured and adapted, rather than jumping in an ocean of tasks you don’t have time for and rules you don’t know.

  1. Keep an eye to what’s coming

It’s surprising that after so many news and discussions related to Facebook’s algorithm combined with low results, companies continue to post content that doesn’t help anyone. Things may change faster than we are used to, but companies that started being social four-five years ago know so well that what preformed then has little to do with nowadays reality.

Know the current situation, keep your eye on the future, monitor activity, think strategically but be flexible enough to jump in when opportunities arise.