10 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs (part 1 of 2)

What do all highly effective entrepreneurs have in common? They have achieved success thanks to the good habits they exercise each and every day. Here are 10 habits o

Shaky video is dead – GoPro HERO7 Black

GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, a surfer, skier and motorsports enthusiast in search of a better way to film himself and his friends surfing. The first GoP

Originally from Spain, Rafaela Nebreda chose Romania to build a business. She has 14 years of experience in real estate and is Managing Partner in her own consultancy com

Every entrepreneur knows that when managing and developing a business, something’s gotta give. And often times what gives is their personal and family life. And ultimat

The Shorty Awards honour the best of social media by recognizing the influencers, brands and organizations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Musically a

In our previous article related to blogging for business, we talked about 7 subjects you should write about on your company blog. In this article, we are going to addr

Kevin Hart is a successful actor, stand-up comedian, producer, writer and entrepreneur. image source: blackbusiness.org Kevin Hart discovered his comic side when

Fashion and music - two expressions of one’s individuality. The music we are listening to is speaking to the world about who we are, it has the power to accompany our m

What books has Elon Musk read?

Earlier this month, Elon Musk broke the internet when he took one puff of cannabis while being interviewed on radio. In August, Arianna Huffington wrote an open lette

What do all entrepreneurs want? Get as many tasks done as possible in one day's work! But how many entrepreneurs can say they are happy with how they spend most of their

If you are a marketer thinking about starting to go Live on Facebook or looking for fresh ideas to engage with your audience, this article is for you! Facebook Live ha

The future of workplace is not the open plan office

In early 2000s the open plan workplace was the first choice all large companies with hundreds of employees jumped to. Latest research and statistics have shown that al

3 retail brands eliminating checkout lines

Shopping is the exchange of goods for money. The definition is straightforward, but fails to encompass the various meanings it has for different people. “Going shopping

Keeping your employees happy is more than a higher paycheck

Resignation paper in hand, Emily is walking briskly towards her manager’s office. She has been working for this corporation for the past 3 years. She made a good living

Native video is the latest tool which personal accounts can use to grow their professional brand on LinkedIn. The business social media platform introduced native video a

Blogging for business is part of the content marketing strategy. Businesses write articles on their company blogs to attract leads and convert them into customers. If y

22 benefits of the agile organisation

Times are changing quickly and the business environment must adapt and keep up. In this article we are looking into the benefits of the agile organisation. Challenge

Are you looking for European tech accelerators to help you take your startup idea to the next level? Here are 3 tech accelerators based in Europe currently receiving app

Long-term growth for his or her business is every founder’s dream. They all envision a future where their business is achieving its objective - changing the world and

Events are a great way for your company to connect to its target market and to raise its brand awareness. Apart from excellent speakers, what do you need for a successful

Your customers are talking about your brand on social media. Are you listening to what they’re saying? If you are not using social media listening tools, you are mis

Avoid these 3 mistakes when buying a franchise

Buying a franchise is often the first option of new entrepreneurs for many reasons: it is risk-limited and based on a proven success-formula.   A quick look on the Fr

The companies leading the research of Artificial Intelligence are tech giants such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Baidu, Amazon. They have all changed the way we co

Become a better leader through self-awareness – 2018 study

What is self-awareness? Self-awareness is understanding your own self. It means having a really good understanding of your emotions, as well as your strengths, limitatio

Looking for the best lead generation tools to get highly targeted leads and increase sales? Here is our pick of the best 3 lead generation tools to help you get high q

Your website is your house. You need to keep it clean, updated with modern appliances, working sanitary fittings and beautiful interior design. But you didn’t build

Top 5 Successful Women Angel Investors

Latest statistics show a growing number of women entrepreneurs. As there are more women founders, there is an increase in the number of women angel investors. Here is

4 big brands using drones for business

We’ve grown accustomed to kids and teenagers using drones for fun. Or grown-ups using a different kind of drone for aerial selfies or astonishing videos (see here).

Your employees are your most valuable resource and your company’s greatest asset. As a leader or business manager, their well being must be one of your top interests.

Do you have a B2B service or product? Do you want to know which companies are visiting your website? Google Analytics shows you a great amount of traffic to your websi

We searched the World Wide Web for tools that grow your Instagram following, so you don’t have to. What are these tools about? you ask. No, it’s not about buyin

Are your projects losing money? Your company runs projects for tier one companies, your team members are all qualified and talented. Yet you are losing money. If you

Imagine the following scenario. Your team has just acquired a valuable client account and decided to go out and celebrate. There are 15 of you, having fun over drinks

3 top skills of great leaders

Rosalinde Torres is a leadership expert. She studies what makes great leaders tick and figures out how to teach others the same skills. By the end of this article you

Is social media checking preventing you from being productive at work? Now you can limit your time spent on Facebook and Instagram. On August 1st, Facebook announced

Do you want to gain more leads? Here is the most successful lead generation strategy in 2018: conversational marketing! By the end of this article you will learn about

Your success as a team leader depends on how successful your team is. Do you want to learn how to motivate each of your team members to perform at their highest level?

5 AI applications to improve your business

Interest in machine learning and AI is growing. Google is one of the leading tech giants that developed products powered by AI technology: Google Duplex is one example.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is the persuasion expert speaking at Brand Minds 2019. He is one of the #worldchangers we look up to and admire: his work in the science of influen

Do you have a growth mindset?

It’s a warm summer evening and John is walking home. He walks slowly, one hand in the pocket and the other holding his briefcase tight. People rush by, but he doesn’t

As of June 2018, there are 400 million Instagram accounts using Instagram Stories (source: business.instagram.com). Instagram designed their stories to fulfil people's

Influencer Marketing campaigns are a great tool for marketers to increase brand awareness, convey a specific message and drive sales. The biggest challenge for brands

Global Recruiting Trends 2018 – LinkedIn Study

LinkedIn is the main social platform for recruiting purposes. Latest statistics show there are more than 562 million users on LinkedIn in over 200 countries, more tha

Is your company vulnerable to security threats? Security threats can put your organization and your customers’ sensitive information at risk. Remember the WannaCry r

Grant Cardone is the sales expert speaking at Brand Minds 2019. By the end of this article, you will know more about Grant Cardone and what makes him a #worldchanger: hi

Most women feel uncomfortable speaking up in office meetings. This article points out the most common reasons why women keep silent at work, it details the numerous abili

Are your Facebook Ads not meeting your marketing goals as of lately? Do you feel your ads need a makeover? If you want to get more out of your Facebook Ads, this ar

83% of B2B companies use newsletters as part of their content marketing program (imaginepub.com) and 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for busi

One of the questions that most entrepreneurs ask is What drives business growth? To help you grow your business, we put together the following list: 5 business growth

What is CEO Fraud?

Email has long been a core tool for business communications, whether it was directed internally, towards the employees or externally, towards suppliers, clients and other

Dr. Brené Brown is the expert on vulnerable leadership speaking at Brand Minds 2019. Dr. Brown is a #worldchanger supporting leaders to be successful through authent

4 ways to meet interesting people

Do you want to meet interesting people? Have you attended numerous business networking events only to get disappointed by the kinds of people that populate these meeti

Social media platforms have become an integrated part of business sales strategies. Retailers, brands and companies can use their social media accounts to promote their p

Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa is the leadership expert speaking at Brand Minds 2019. He is a #worldchanger: his teachings help leaders change the world by changing themselves

Are you struggling to generate leads? Use inbound marketing for lead generation! By the end of this article, you will know what inbound marketing is and how you can

Every entrepreneur seeks success and looks to the most successful leaders for guidance and direction. What have they done to achieve success? Did they have in common a se

How to use chatbots to increase sales

Making a sale today means communicating to a very demanding and digitally savvy customer. Customers expect businesses to deliver tailored experiences and meet customers'

5 tips for successful business networking

Do you need to grow your business? Whether you are looking for business partners, suppliers or customers, you are looking for people, not organisations. image sour

Does your company run a Facebook page? Your answer is probably yes. 2018 statistics say 80 million businesses have a Facebook page and more than 1 billion Facebook use

Isobar predicts that 2018 will be the year of Augmented Humanity, a year where technology enhances and scales our most human attributes. In 2018, technological interface

Video marketing is the latest tactic used by marketers to increase conversions. This article will show you 3 examples of how to use video to increase your conversions.

Why did Nokia fail?

This article presents one of Nokia's reasons for failure and what you can learn to improve your leadership. A concise timeline of Nokia’s important moments: In Oc

In our previous article we talked about A-Commerce as the latest trend identified by TrendWatching in consumer retail behaviour for 2018. This article takes one step f

The 10,000-experiment rule – your path to success

Are you familiar with the rule that says you need to practice for 10,000 hours to become an expert? The 10,000-hour rule of thumb was popularised by Malcolm Gladwell in h

3 popular Instagram trends in 2018

We're only half way through 2018, but we can already notice 3 popular Instagram trends. Discover what these 3 Instagram trends are and be inspired for your business's

With Google Tasks, part of the Google G Suite, you can create and manage multiple task lists, create subtasks, add details to your tasks, and set due dates. And by using

If you're in B2B selling and wish to close sales deals, you need to understand how to sell on value, not on price. Value selling is certainly not a new concept but im

5 time management tips&tricks for entrepreneurs

Have you ever felt 24 hours a day is not enough to do everything you planned? Not having enough time to accomplish all tasks at hand is one of top 3 challenges for ent

MIT: 5 breakthrough technologies of 2018

Every year since 2001 MIT Technology Review has picked 10 Breakthrough Technologies. It is a list of technology that MIT believes will have a profound effect on people’

The scent of Overdelivering Experiences

We bet you’ve heard it before and not just once: Overdelivering to your customers is the key to success. Focus on offering your community the best experience they could

Snapchat is undoubtedly leading the user experience of augmented reality in social media. In 2016, the Pokemon GO frenzy took the world by storm and showed the incredible

Instagram announced the introducing the emoji slider sticker — a fun new way to interact with your friends and followers on Instagram. The emoji slider lets you ask mor

The Cannes Lions Festival is the most prestigious event for professionals working in creative fields: communication, PR, advertising and marketing. Since its first edi

33% of B2B marketers and 41% of B2C marketers cited the inability to measure as a significant challenge. This alarming data comes from a research conducted by the Content

I don't believe that old cliche that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can't sit still. Ashton Kutc

How Can Location Data Help You Grow Your Business

The importance of data is growing daily and its impact on the businesses as well. Gathered and used in smart ways it can help you reach the right audience, in the right w

Genetically inherited illnesses - can we edit them out of our genes? In 2013, Angelina Jolie wrote a powerful article in New York Times entitled My Medical Choice in wh

France and Germany want to build an European Union-wide initiative to fund innovation and research in tech start-up projects across the bloc so that EU can compete more e

When making Instagram stories, various tools are put at your disposal to help you deliver your story in a fun and engaging way: you can add hashtags, time and location, G

The most recent research from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) shows that live TV is still king, with the majority of viewers watching their favorite programs live, rat

20 years ago marketing was done by getting your business listed in business directories such as Yellow Pages and printing flyers and catalogues of products and services.

Research shows that the proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%. It also raises the visual appearance by 93%. A further 85% of consumers buy because of col

When talking about the future of business, Blockchain is on every entrepreneur's mind. You may know Blockchain is valuable, but understanding how Blockchain works an

10 Important Tools You Need To Grow Your Start-up

Everyone starts a business of their own for different reasons, but some of the most important ones are the desire to do something for themselves, to influence the society

Technological nature is defined as “technologies that in various ways mediate, augment, or simulate the natural world.” The term technological nature was coined by

Wingly – the Airbnb of flights

2017 proved to be a really good year for Airbnb as the company "blew by its own internal forecasts to bring in $93 million in profit on $2.6 billion in revenue", as repo

What comes after e-commerce and m-commerce? How is the consumers’ retail behaviour changing? Here is what lies ahead for retail commerce - A-Commerce. The “

According to PetaPixel, Instagram has been accused of “shadowbanning” users and posts starting about a year ago, preventing tagged content from properly appearing in

Storytelling through Instagram feed

Why is your brand on the market? What is the reason you set up your company in the first place? This is what storytelling in marketing is about: using digital mea

Working in marketing may be one of the most beautiful jobs on Earth as it keeps you always up-to-date with the new trends in the market and is a very fast paced industry.

5 main reasons why 90% of startups fail

Shopify, Dropbox, Uber, AirBnb, LinkedIn, Instagram. They are all well-known companies and we bet you are a frequent user of at least two of them. They have millio

As shown at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference forecast, by 2022 there will be 30,432 spaces and 5.1 million paid co-working members worldwide. The market sho

A virtual assistant is essentially an app that lets users ask questions or give commands using their natural language program. From virtual assistants…. image source

Blurring the lines between real life and virtual reality has never seem so close and possible. Nvidia combines its Virtual Reality Holodeck application with Self Driving

  Spotify Technology SA is a Swedish entertainment company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. They launched their music, podcast, and video streaming serv

Shutterstock , a leading global technology company offering high-quality assets, tools and services through its creative platform, announced  the launch of Shutterstock

Blockchain technology is an open-source distributed database using state-of-the-art cryptography.  Essentially, blockchains are about a rapid transfer of value. W

UN Women NC UK and J Walter Thompson London recreated the reCAPTCHA 'human tests' that are commonly used by websites against spam bots to raise awareness of the 39,000 gi

Best countries for business in 2018

So you want to start your own business. You have written a solid business plan and raised the necessary capital. Before assembling your team and drawing your business

11. The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries Most startups fail. But many of

Duplex – Google’s latest AI system

The future is here and it's called Duplex. Duplex is Google’s latest AI system and its developers, Yaniv Leviathan, Google Duplex lead, and Matan Kalman, engineering

"Image noise" or "digital noise" is a common problem. When you click photos in low light conditions or not with a great camera, image clarity suffers. The image is suffus

How much time people spend connected to their smart devices? The short answer is all the time! But what all the time means exactly? Let’s dig in a little deepe

Gmail and Outlook have been neck to neck in the last years in the fight for the business users. We wrote about it here and here. Now, after Gmail announced its latest

Where is Facebook heading?

What problems is Facebook struggling with? What will the future bring for this tech giant and its users? Let’s take a closer look! Fake news - lack of responsibi

Last week we started to present you a series of steps you musttake in order to make sure you organize a good pitch. Today we continue with Cristina Oncescu's opinion, by

10 actionable growth hacks for startups

Do you want to learn how other start-up companies employed growth hacking strategies to bring their businesses to the next level? Read our 10 actionable growth hacks lis

Like the world around us, our biological clocks are set to tick in cycles of approximately 24 hours. We are designed to sleep and wake in cycles of roughly 24 hours, ot

What is blockchain? Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. It allows

Snapchat’s Spectacles v2 are here

According to Statista's data, despite its origins as a photo app, video has become an important feature of Snapchat, with more than 10 billion mobile videos currently vi

We live in a very competitive business environment driven by digital transformation. It is increasingly difficult to stand out and be recognised as a professional. Tha

"Remember Myspace? A hacker just put the login information for 360 million Myspace accounts (emails and their passwords) up for sale. These are the accounts of real life

Are you feeling less creative than usual? Creativity blockage can make you feel frustrated and powerless and it really takes a toll on your self-esteem. If you are f

The time when a client decides to make a pitch for the communication agency (either it's a PR, advertising, digital or social media one) is extremely important in its bus

Entrepreneurship and personal development go hand in hand. You need to keep developing your skills and acquire new ones if you want to stay ahead of the game and reac

In 2017 17 per cent more people searched “how to start a business” online compared to 2016, according to audience insights tool Hitwise, wrote The Independent.

Top 6 tech leaders in 2018

We are inspired by their vision and leadership styles. Some of them set out to change the world. Others changed the company’s core values to usher in a new era of

In March, thousands of people in the United States and internationally put away their phones for 24 hours to commemorate National Day of Unplugging, “a 24 hour global

Top 5 marketing podcasts

Are you interested in staying informed and educated to sustain your marketing efforts? Do you feel stuck and in need of inspiration? Listen to podcasts! Here is our to

Google gave Gmail a big refresh that will change the way you interact with it and help you even more than before. As first reported by The Verge, the upgrade was revea

Are you looking for business deals, investors or opportunities for growth? Have you grown tired of LinkedIn? Than it is time you learn of other business-focused so

Grolsch came with a new challenge for the everyday experimentalist and tried to transpose the emotions that we feel when we are listening to music, visually. The result w

How to reframe failure: 6 steps

You failed. There are various reasons why you failed. Maybe your business lacked capital or you misused it. Or you jumped the gun on essential steps in building

All You Need To Know About The 5 AM Club

Some of us prefer to work in the morning, while others during the evening and night. We are used to say that the difference is made my our biorhythm. But what happens whe

Best 5 apps for health improvement

Technology has become an important part of our life from ordering food to paying our bills, talking to our friends and family in another country or printing products inst

Global smartphone demand fell two percent to 347 million units in the first quarter of 2018 (1Q18), according to the research and analytics' company GfK. Demand was esp

The business confidence in the ad industry increased 12 points from +1 in January 2018 to +13 in April 2018. It is the highest  level of confidence measured over the pa

In the first quarter of 2018, consumer sentiment in Europe remained at a relatively stable level. In March, however, the GfK Consumer Climate for the 28 EU states showed

Nine out of ten startups fail. A statistic that sounds cruel and harsh, but that puts us with our feet on the ground. When one starts a business it does it with passion a

Contextual editorial video content dramatically increases a consumer’s engagement and recollection of video advertising on a web page, showed a new study about video i

The most loved and used social media platform is changing so fast that is hard to keep track of all of its novelties. Social media specialists are spending more and more

by Ionut Rosca, Behaviour Planner at g7 Romania Brand loyalty has been on everyone’s lips these past years, with some voices prophesizing a sense of impending doom

Best Quotes For Boosting Your Work

Today we celebrate Labor Day, one of the most anticipated and loved celebrations and holidays in Romania. Therefore, what better way to celebrate it than through the work

Eye Tracking Market 2018 and where it goes

The advanced eye-tracking technology allows to understand the human behavior which will optimize the opportunities for any company to strategize their marketing analyzing

How do we dress to impress?

A positive, proactive and dynamic professional, Teodora Burz is definitely a strong reference in fashion industry around the globe. She's experienced in both managin

Joining BRAND MINDS? Then read this!

Are you coming to BRAND MINDS? Then here's some things that you need to know! We have prepared 8 SECTIONS you can check for any information you need to know related to th

Online platforms will have to become more transparent when trading with businesses, according to a proposal released by the European Commission today. The regulation wo

Niche marketing is a targeted marketing plan that focuses on one particular section of the market that has high potential to connect with a product or service. Instead of

Is the entrepreneurial spirit something that you inherit or something you gain? Is it something that anyone can have or grow, or is it just for certain people? Can anyone

We live in the most competitive times possible, especially in the technology and online markets, with knowledge and advances added daily. Cloud computing is the delivery

In November 2017 Twitter's representative announced the decision of expanding the character limit to 280, for nearly all of its users. Still, in February this year, Twit

With 77% of marketers that use experiential marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategy and 98% of users feeling more inclined to purchase after att

All You Need To Know About The 5 Second Rule

Making decisions is always hard and, most of the times, we tend to think and re-think them over and over again. It seems like the famous speaker and influencer Mel Robbin

All about Amazon’s Sumerian

Amazon Sumerian is a new platform for developers to build and host VR, AR and 3D apps quickly and with minimal coding, for smartphones and tablets, head-based displays,

Snapchat has released a new feature to their app, one that may prove out to be a big game changer in the world of local search. Local recommendations and location-specifi

The Swiss surpass the Germans and Austrians when it comes to purchasing power in 2018, shows the latest GfK study. According to the press release, the available net incom

A research published in the Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy (Stillman, Freedman, Jorgensen, & Stillman, 2017) showed once again, if still necessary, the power

There is no wonder or anyone these days that technology is developing even faster than any of us could have ever imagined some years ago, but to have in 2018 a piece of t

After having been in beta testing since 2016, Waze Local was recently launched and is is offering small businesses a way to market themselves to consumers  on the road.

Cultural Appropriation = the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, without showing that you understand or respect this culture (Cambridge Dic

How to Self-Motivate and Change Your Life

It is said that it's harder to keep being successful or on top that to achieve success in the first place. That is a sentence I strongly believe in, as success may come i

Top 10 Technologies to Master in 2018

Virtual and Augmented Reality "When we look at projected trends (paywall) for both AR and VR technologies combined between 2016 and 2020, the figure skyrockets to a

The customer experience in B2B marketing

A research by SiriusDecisions found that for 80% of B2B buyers surveyed, customer experience counted as the top significant reason why they chose to work with a specific

Use teasers "To attract potential leads, promote your live video with a catchy title or appealing topic. Then as you cover the topic in the video, structure the pre

"Trust is the willingness to be vulnerable to the action of others. Trust is a choice. Trust means that we have confidence in the intentions and motives of the other

In a moment when data protection is really challenged and digital crime and fraud happen more and more often is essential one takes care the best he / she can of their da

Meet Smiljan Mori | Behind the Suit

Smiljan Mori is a businessman, author, coach, and consultant to top performers from all walks of life. His business successes are legendary, including the founding and

He set up his own business and named the company Antal – Hungarian for ‘Anthony’, in 1993. Since then, Tony and his team have developed substantial businesses in so

Meet the founder of FightHoax | Behind the Suit

Valentinos started his very own mobile app startup and developed it all by himself at the age of 18. Magazines such as Forbes say that he has the 'mark of a true entrepre

Meet Vladimir Vulic | Behind the Suit

Vladimir Vulic is a strategist from Montenegro who is in constant pursuit of challenging the status quo. He’s a management, innovation, and social media consultant who

Meet Franck Vinchon | Behind the Suit

Franck has been working for more than 18 years across multiple countries. He covered many fields in communication and marketing industry filling positions that were dedi

Human. Mom-preneur. Business strategist and modern marketing mentor for personal brands.  Lenja believes that for your marketing to be supremely effective you don’t

MEET JEFF ZISSELMAN | THE FOUNDER  Entrepreneur, trained attorney and consultant with more than 20 years of diverse experience in the financial services field, life in

Meet Mariusz Lodyga | Behind the Suit

MEET THE BRANDING & MARKETING STRATEGIST Mariusz Lodyga, the owner of Premium Consulting Brands, is a branding expert specialized in creation, companies communicatio

More than ever any brand should want relevance and efficiency. Those should be words that stand out and make it count. Therefore, when it comes to the online presence

Not choosing the right time to outsource. Timing is essential,just like every other business decision one makes. It has to be chosen carefully and with a lot of

Meet the owner of Quantox | Behind the Suit

MEET THE OWNER OF QUANTOX Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry, Vuk is also skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with

In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell affirmed that people who were performing at a world-class level, such as musicians, artists, or sportspeo

IBM Created the World’s Smallest Computer

IBM is set to be making history as it has announced the designing of the world's smallest computer ever. The computer is 1mm x 1mm, smaller than a grain of fancy salt and

Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what's on their mind and check out their Live Reactions, as going live is

Even at first glance everyone is under the impression that social media is a piece of cake, in order for a company and a brand to have the right, strategic social media p

Cryptocurrency – pro or against?

What is a cryptocurrency? A digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. "A defining featu

"When you set aside time to research what hashtags are the most popular with your customer personas, you’re better able to target users who reflect your ideal audienc

The importance of cross-media in 2018

A typical customer journey usually involves many stages from discovery to purchase, using many different touchpoints across multiple devices. Unless we analyse all of t

Having the right media mix and campaigns represents a very important moment in a company's marketing strategy. Choosing the right track might be hard to find, therefore e

SignAll has been working for years to make accurate, real-time machine translation of ASL a reality and, accordingly to Business Wire, has developed the world’s first

Over the years, YouTube has become the go-to place for content creators to showcase their amazing work to a massive audience. YouTube gets over 30 million visits a

How Luxury Marketing Will Look Like in 2018

The concept of luxury is changing, just like everything we are surrounded by is, like our preferences and sometimes passions. Consumer expectations of luxury continue to

Romanian creatives to watch for in 2018

After last year we presented you the creatives we believed were ready to set the tone for creativity in 2017, it's time for the 2018 prognosis to be revealed. In no parti

Romanian creatives to watch for in 2018

After last year we presented you the creatives we believed were ready to set the tone for creativity in 2017, it's time for the 2018 prognosis to be revealed. In no parti

Airbnb is developing virtual and augmented reality features to help guests find and navigate rental listings, the company announced recently on its blog.  Three-dimensi

Until now there has been a lot of talk about the Millennials, about how present they are in the digital environment and what type of content they prefer. After them comes

Today we start a new series of articles that will go under the umbrella of "Campaigns That We Admire". We want to bring in front of you ideas that were outside-the-box, t

We recognize the importance of PR in your business and we believe you should as well. Therefore, after last week's pieces of advice received from Chapter 4 Romania, we no

All about the Mixed Reality holograms

According to The Verge, Microsoft opened its first Mixed Reality capture studios in San Francisco and London, allowing developers and creators to create holograms from re

Will Twitter rise up in 2018?

As in the last years Facebook took the face off Twitter, specialists started to wonder if Twitter isn't close to taking MySpace's road and die. and many were starting to

How to talk to the Millennials in 2018

A study from Pew Research found that only 40 percent of Millennials even identify with the word “millennial,” compared to nearly 80 percent of those aged 51 to 69 w

PR has become indispensable for companies nowadays, evolving from "simple" media relations activities to strategy,consultancy and more and more diverse services. Moreover

A recent report showed that 38% of American smartphone owners never disconnect from their devices and over 71% of them sleep with their phones next to their beds. As thes

From now on, YouTube content creators won’t be able to monetize until they hit 10,000 lifetime views on their channel. YouTube believes that this threshold will give th

Sometimes is hard to keep up with the technology at the level that is evolving, but by doing it you make sure your business stays in front of the pack and continues to ge

How to create an innovation culture that works

"97% of CEOs agree that innovation has grown increasingly important over the last 10 years, and 73% of those CEOs note that innovation plays an important role in determin

Building a house is a process that is not only time-consuming, but also expensive. However, this could soon change. More and more manufacturers are exploring the world of

After the new Facebook News Feed changes, all of the marcomm industry has been left wondering what are the best ways of keep on bringing success for the brands and the co

Biggest digital trends in 2018

For the last five years, the agency Ogilvy creates an annual report which aims to spot the key trends in digital and social media marketing that are likely to be importan

What is The Happiness Equation?

We are used to talk about working hard, discipline,motivation, passion for what we do and that will make the business grow,but we hardly think and talk about what makes u

Top Technology Trends in 2018

The last decade has been undoubtedly under the sign of technology, each year its imprint being stronger and stronger and blurring more and more the lines between fiction

Kaspersky Lab spotted a new spyware, named Skygofree, and called it one of the most powerful espionage tools for Android the company has ever seen. It has been active s

Top trends in shopper marketing in 2018

With a more and more savvy consumer and digital and technology re-shaping it, shopper marketing became in the last years almost a science, relying a lot on research and c

BTL advertising is becoming more and more complex, highly influenced by the rise and development of digital and mobile. Companies needs to be up-to-date with all the info

95 percent of Romanians don’t leave the house without their smartphone. This is only one of the information gathered by Huawei, that conducted a study together with th

One of Facebook's big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time everybody spends on Facebook is time well spent. "We built Facebook to help people stay connected and b

After the era of influencers, the end of 2017 and all of 2018 seems to be heading on the trend on micro-influencers. Even the micro influencer may only have a few thousan

Can you imagine what advantage you would have in negotiations, decision-making, and leadership if you could teach yourself to see and evaluate information that others ove

Best security devices for IoT in 2018

By the end of 2017, an estimated 8.4 billion smart devices inhabited our homes, making our lives easier, but, at the same time, slightly less safe. Until all smart devi

Online retail trends in 2018

It's a new year,with its new challenges and novelties and brands are finding new ways to infuse technology into the customer experience to satisfy the demands of the 24/7

US best cities for marketers in 2018

Marketing will always be an incredible field to work on, offering you plenty of times to show your strategic and creative side and, at the same time, offering the chance

Emotional Intelligence 2.0., the book written by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, delivers a step-by-step program for increasing your EQ via four, core EQ skills that

Who is Helen Fisher?

Neuroscientist , Anthropologist Internationally - renowned neuroscientist and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher is a pioneer in the biology of human personal

Top 5 Best TV Brands in 2018

LG  LG makes five series of OLED TVs, all of which have the exact same excellent picture quality. "We choose the LG C7 OLED as our best TV of 2017 because it offe

How to create Instagram Ads and Why

The fastest growing social media nowadays, Instagram is proving to be more and more important and relevant for businesses.Therefore, its a platform that we believe you st

"Authenticity is the key component of what makes social media so successful for businesses. Authentic social media is the modern day testimonial: It allows users to inter

We are born afraid of failing. Always looking, checking and double checking to make sure we don't fail. But the reality is that no matter what you do, at one time, at lea

Happy New Year!

Each year we dream of better, faster, more resourceful ideas and plans that become reality. So why should 2018 be any different? We enter the year will great energy and

Net neutrality 2018 – where does it go?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines on Thursday to repeal landmark 2015 rules aimed at ensuring a free and open internet, setting up a cour

10 Skills one needs in strategic thinking

Think critically "Instead of jumping directly to decisions or solutions for problems, the critical thinking helps you to make decisions through objective evaluat

A new study from The 614 Group has analyzed the impact of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)’s efforts on addressing fraud in the digital advertising supply c

A marketing research done right needs planning and the important and right questions asked on time.Therefore, we decided to show you some of the questions we believed you

Each time is the end of a year we make resolutions and look forward to what is to come. We wish for a better year, more accomplishments and higher goals. At the same time

Best Business Podcasts for 2018

ListenNotes  is a new search engine designed to help you find podcasts containing people, places or topics. According to the developer, ListenNotes has cataloged nearly


Robin Sharma is one of the world’s premier thinkers on leadership in business and in life. He is the author of numerous books, including the 1 international bestseller


Shed Simove is an entrepreneur, author and must-see keynote motivational speaker. His areas of expertise are ‘CREATIVITY’, ‘INNOVATION’, ‘SALES’ & ‘GUER


SETH GODIN is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial

How to use YouTube retargeting and why

According to Search Engine Journal, in 2014,  a survey revealed nearly 60% of US Internet users visited YouTube at least once a week. Re-targeting represents showin


Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. As a science journali

Top marketing trends for 2018 -part II

AI and Machine Learning are influencing the whole marketing process According to Salesforce research, quoted by cmo.com.au, artificial intelligence (AI) use by market

LinkedIn Learning and How is helping your business

LinkedIn Learning was launched in 2016 in San Francisco, about a year and a half after LinkedIn acquired online learning site Lynda.com for $1.5 billion. A large part of

The advantages of Google Flights

Time and energy. Two of the most important aspects of our everyday life that are hard to find and cannot be bought. We all look to save them as much as possible. One of t

Since July, LinkedIn is offering companies a way to get better information about who is visiting their web pages. That information—about the person’s job title, compa

Top marketing trends for 2018-part I

Content marketing will bring the biggest commercial impact for the brand After years and years of talking and writing about the power of storytelling and its huge impa

How to deal with decision-paralysis

As we've shown in a previous article, decision-paralysis is a real problem, both for personal and professional decisions, no matter their dimension. Therefore, we've cons

10 Coolest, hi-tech cars at LA Show 2017

One of the world's largest auto shows returns with 1,000 vehicles December 1-10, 2017 at the LA Convention Center. Therefore, we decided to show you ou

Pinterest’s Promoted Video ad units, introduced on August 2016, went on auto-play in 2017. The new type of Promoted Video begins playing as soon as users scroll acr

Learning: a never-ending job for marketers

The marcomm industry is one of the fastest changing industry in the world, highly connected to the technology revolution and consumers. In order to always be there for th

The Power of Habit in Business

In The Power of Habit, award-winning New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits

Online versus offline retail war ending soon?

"2018 will mark death of online versus offline retail war", said Mariam Asmar, McCann London's strategy and innovation director, for Campaign UK. What is for certain i

How to speak marketing for the Generation Z?

If you still haven't figured out the Millennials yet is high time you do it, because there is a new generation coming your way: one that is even younger and closer to tec

Decision-Paralysis: when it happens and why?

Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paral

How will the city of the future look like?

Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robots, drones, autonomous green vehicles, 3D / 4D printing, renewable energy, virtual reality (VR),leap

How to use Facebook retargeting and why

According to the specialists, retargeting is one of the most effective means of closing potential customers, bringing one of the highest returns on ad spend for advertise

Typically born between 1977 and 1983, the generation remembers a childhood of dial-up internet and brick-like mobile phones, but was young enough to embrace the first wav

Creative Quarters, bringing beauty and business together

The Institute presented the new collection of the organizers and cultural spaces, creative workshops and stores in Bucharest's Creative Quarter, through a map that will b

With Facebook 360, publishers can showcase their most compelling stories in a new and immersive way, bringing the viewer inside a different world through 360 photos and v

"Storytelling is how humans communicate with each other, the way that we make sense of complex information, and how we relay our experiences to others. Nonprofit storytel

How to inspire innovation in your employees

According to McKinsey & Company and its global innovation survey, innovation is critical to growth, particularly as the speed of business cycles continues to increase

According to Business Insider, in the next 30 years, we are likely to see more changes in transportation technology than we've seen in the last 100 years. As flying ca

The power of the video is increasing more and more everyday, on all platforms, from SnapChat to Instagram, from Facebook to YouTube. But what it gets the biggest attentio

How can behaviors be changed?

Marketers' goal is to convince the consumer to choice his product or brand, to like it and become a fan of it, a loved brand. What can a marketer do when he needs to conv

Sophia is the first robot in history to be a full citizen of a country. The humanoid is Hanson Robotics’s most advanced and celebrated robot with an expressiveness th

What is Professional Ghosting and why it should stop

Recently I have discovered that ghosting does not apply only to a Millennials' personal dating situation, but also in the professional feel, and the situation becomes mor

An Intel study, that explores the yet-to-be-realized economic potential when today’s drivers become idle passengers, prepared by analyst firm Strategy Analytics predict

A little ABC about Chatbots

A chatbot is a computer program that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a con

How to refind yourself in business

There are moments in your business when you might think you have lost your purpose or the idea and passion you took with you at the beginning of the entrepreneurial road.

According to IGN News, UberAir wants to bring on-demand electric flying taxis to Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth by 2020 and a trip across Los Angeles via air would be

Live blogging is a great guerrilla marketing tactic that can help you grow your following and voice in the media, taking advantage of the event’s audience and speakers.

Your car as entertainment hub

In-car entertainment (ICE), or in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), is a collection of hardware and software in automobiles that provides audio or video entertainment. If a

Meet Krystal Choo, One of Singapore's Brand Minds

Krystal Choo is the CEO and Founder of Wander, which brings like-minded people together by allowing them to join the best communities in a city, right from their devices.

Meet Suria Sparks, One of Singapore's Brand Minds

ENTREPRENEUR | INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER| BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA & BRANDING STRATEGIS Suria is Ranked as #1 Public Figure - Social Media Influencer in Singapore reaching

Meet Manoj Vasudevan, One of Singapore's Brand Minds

He is World Champion of Public Speaking, a Next level Leadership Expert and author of International bestseller. Find out what is the journey that Manoj Vasudevan had to p

10 websites you should know about

Noisli Lots of people struggle to concentrate without some kind of background noise – especially in noisy offices and public spaces. Noisli lets you mix together

5 IoT Trends for 2018

1.Connected Industry Companies in a wide variety of industries can use the massive amounts of contextual data provided by IoT devices. This will help them to impro

As a social media specialist one must always be up-to-date and improve the quality of your posts, therefore you need some tools to help you along. Today, we present you s

Lars is a Senior Global Communications and Business Executive with around 20 years expertise in growing, managing and defending the reputation of leading brands. With a

WHO is Suria Sparks?


Fifty-one percent of EMEA teleworkers work from home just one day or less, with 68 percent in APAC and 58 percent in North America reporting the same. According to a G

Separating personal from business may prove to be sometimes more difficult than expected, especially when using certain social media apps and tools for both purposes.

The Best Video Editing Softwares of 2017

Whether you're an experienced home videographer or making your first foray into filmmaking, there's a free editing tool that will provide all the tools you need. Accordin

Instagram and SnapChat features go hand-in-hand,with Instagram taking a lot of inspiration from SnapChat and its successful tools. In March, Instagram has launched ge

Top 5 Video Editing Trends in 2017

1.Having a video strategy is a must Every campaign and business must have a strategy behind them in order to succeed. The time of improvisation has passed, letting its

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with 1 billion daily users. Besides being a phenomenon in the people's private lives, the app i

Ideas for Strategic Thinking in Marketing

Strategic Analysis It's the process of developing strategy for a business by researching the business and the environment in which it operates. A strategic analysis w

Unconventional Career Advice with Fred Cook

​​"In your career and your life, it's about the experiences you have, not about the promotions and salaries you earn." Fred Cook, the CEO of global PR firm, Golin,

As anything that had touched or been in contact with, the rise of the technology changed or at least had a great impact on. From the launch of the e-mail, the boom of the

Is it illegal or not to regram?

Copyright is always an issue than one posting on social media should be careful of and pay attention at. Due to the fact that Instagram doesn’t include the ability to

WHO is Shed Simove?

Shed Simove is an entrepreneur, author and must-see keynote motivational speaker. His areas of expertise are ‘CREATIVITY’, ‘INNOVATION’, ‘SALES’ & ‘

WHO is Mihnea Gheorghiu?

Mihnea got into advertising when he was only 19, leaving in Bucharest, Romania. In the years that followed, he’s worked in Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto and

WHO is Madonna Badger

Madonna Badger is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Badger & Winters, an advertising, branding and design agency that was named a 2016 Ad Age Small Agency

The European Viewability Steering Group (EVSG), a cross-industry body originally formed towards the end of 2015 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe),

How to lead the Millennials with Simon Sinek

According to Simon Sinek, Millennials are no different when it comes to what they way, in comparison with any other generation, the only difference being that Millennials


Visionary and prolific, Karim Rashid is one of the most unique voices in design today. With more than 4000 designs in production, nearly 300 awards to his name, and clien


Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerM

Meet Leza Parker, One of Singapore’s Brand Minds

Leza is obsessed with business and entrepreneurship. If she is not lecturing at some universities, she would be answering business questions from the public via videos or

Meet Cassandra Riene, One of Singapore’s Brand Minds

Passionate and unafraid to challenge the status quo, she believes questioning the norm is the way to achieve growth. With a wide branding experience and lots of integrate

This is a continuation of last week's article. 3. Healthcare and medicine According to inc.com, one of the key implementations of virtual reality in the medical fie

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

As LinkedIn becomes more and more important for your business, you must pay attention and discover what are the best tools and strategies to help you gain more followers

What is a meaningful brand?

60% of the content created by the world’s leading 1,500 brands is “just clutter” that has little impact on consumers’ lives or business results, by being poor, ir

Meet Melissa Lim, One of Singapore’s Brand Minds

Melissa Lim is the co-founder and head of marketing at BiTS.sg - an enterprise resource planning software which enables Singapore SMEs to go digital by automating process

How to lead without a title with Robin Sharma

Even the positions are important for the good running of an organization, Robin Sharma believes more in the new model of leadership (leadership 2.0), that is all about ev

Meet Joe Escobedo, One of Singapore’s Brand Minds

Recognized as one of the "Top 20 Content Marketers" worldwide and awarded the “Most Influential Global Marketing Leader" at the World Marketing Congress, Joe has helped

The virtual reality is here and ready to help not only entertain, but educate and influence profoundly our lives, for the better. Here are 5 domains that already see a bi

Direct messaging on Instagram has been available on Instagram since 2013, but if you're not an Instagram obsessive, you might not know how to use it, or,more than that,

According to Facebook more than 100 million people are members of what they call "very meaningful" groups. “These are groups that upon joining, quickly become the mos

Meet Joe Escobedo, One of Singapore’s Brand Minds

Recognized as one of the "Top 20 Content Marketers" worldwide and awarded the “Most Influential Global Marketing Leader" at the World Marketing Congress, Joe has helped

Peter Diamandis and the future of asteroids

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space. In 2014 he was named one of "The World’s 50

Top 10 assistant robots in 2017​

In no particular order, 10 of the best assistant robots in 2017 are as follows: Echo by Amazon The Echo is a cloud-based device built around the premise that

Facebook has a new star recently launched: the Facebook shop that you can use to sell and promote your brands. If you have the Add Shop Section link on your Facebook pag

Datafication refers to the collective tools, technologies, and processes used to transform an organization into a data-driven enterprise. After converting processes to da

Jeff Bezos – Amazon, the new robots company

Every fan of technology and sci-fi would have loved to be in the shoes of Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, as he piloted a huge robot, that looked takes straight from Tr

Is car sharing the next version of Uber?

The carsharing or car-sharing system is a model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. They are attractive to customers who

The share of global advertising spend going to out-of-home (OOH) advertising remains stable at 6 percent, shows ‘Why Out Of Home Performs’, a joint study by Magna In

What you need to know about the 70 percent rule

According to investopedia.com, the rule of 70 is a way to estimate the number of years it takes for a certain variable to double. "To estimate the number of years for a v

10 Things you might not know about Robin Sharma

For nearly 20 years, many of the most well-known organizations on the planet, ranging from Nike, GE, Microsoft, FedEx, PwC, HP and Oracle to NASA, Yale University and YPO

Digital media has now surpassed linear television to become the No.1 category in advertising revenues. Within digital, the majority of advertising sales (54%) is now gene

How relevant is still TV for your brand?

We are smarter and smarter consumers, more up-to-date with everything that is new and happening in the world of technology, people constantly changing and improving their

According to fastcompany.com, women entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing segment of business owners in the U.S. But, compared to male-owned businesses, women-owned busi

Must Have Gadgets of 2017

A long time ago the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friends” became popular and known by everybody. The times changed and today a more suitable and true descript

Anatomy 4D The augmented reality app, available in AppStore and Google Play, makes it easier for users to interact with complex information related to the human b

Only 3% of the marketers said they planned to cut back on influencer marketing in the coming year, versus about 75% who anticipated spending even more on it, says emarket

How To Avoid The Professional Burnout

When one is passionate about their job, when one is a high-achiever, one tends to ignore the fact that they're working exceptionally long hours, taking on exceedingly hea

One of the first Computer Science Ph.Ds was earned by a nun Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, born in Ohio in 1914, entered the Sisters of Charity in 1932 and professed her

Launched in July 2011, by three Stanford University students (Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy), Snapchat went from being an application created for a Universi

More than ever the a company's sustainability and CSR efforts are important and highly regarded by the consumers and other brands in the market. Although both clients and

15 Things you might not know about Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial

A study published in January in the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment predicts that the combination of battery storage with renewable energy will make f

Last week we started a bigger discussion about the best two free email providers - Gmail and Outlook - and which one might be the best to choose from your business. Now,

Product placement ​as a marketing tool

Product placement and its meaning have changed during the years, along with its evolution on the market and the growing of new techniques and technologies. One of the

15 Things you might not know about Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. As a science journali

What medical technology brings new in 2017

CRISPR According to CBS, at the International Summit on Human Gene Editing, hosted by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in Washington, the Chinese Academy of

According to a Radicati Group study from January 2017, there will be more than 3.7 billion email users worldwide by the end of the year. That means that nearly 54% of

Sometimes, no matter how big the budget is, some marketing campaigns go completely wrong. There are a large number of reasons for those situations, some of them being the

10 Things you might now know about Shed Simove

Sheridan “Shed” Simove is a modern day creative genius. He lives and breathes ideas. Every day of his life dozens of new ideas spring from his astonishingly active mi

AI versus the human brain

According to prescouter.com, the brain easily keeps the current lead in intelligence over machines for a number of reasons. First, it has the ability to store and proc

We don't like to be looked at in groups anymore. We hate the idea of being seen as one and the same as others around us. We want to brands to find a way to address us and

The world’s largest brands are facing a dual threat from slowing growth in developed economies and the rising popularity of homegrown brands. As getting more sales from

5 Things you might not know about Madonna Badger

Chief Creative Officer & Founder of the Badger & Winters, Madonna Badger describes it as an advertising, branding and design agency specializing in creating power

The market for sensors and smart materials used in clothing will grow from roughly $212 million in 2014 to more than $1.8 billion by 2021, according to a new report f

Waiting too long to launch a product / service. Like in a relationship, so it happens in business: the perfect timing is essential. In the desire to be sure everything

Marketing research done right

Either you start a new business, launch a new project / product / service or you just want to stay ahead of your competition, a strong and smart marketing research will g

20 Things you might not know about Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’

What is the real value of a Bitcoin?

After having increased in value from about $570 to more than $4,300 — an astounding 750% — in just the last year, the Bitcoins are becoming more and more desired

Instagram has a licence to use your content If you’re posting images on Instagram, you’re giving up some control of your content. As outlined in the most current 

When I was little, my parents taught me to do one thing at a time and do it the best possible. Not trying to start ten projects or jump from one thing to another without

Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle, the author behind the bestseller Funky Business in 2000, is one of the worlds most significant and respected business thinkers and speakers. 

7 important tech hubs of the world

1. London Even after the  Brexit, Britain's capital city remains a top destination for tech entrepreneurs in Europe, according to a recent CBRE report. Overall, 7.

We continue the list of pieces of advice that will help you take a very documented and precise decision while choosing your antivirus software, after last week's article.

Only 11% of marketers already have systems in place to ensure they don’t fall foul of the legislation, as shows data from YouGov and The Chartered Institute of Marketi

8 Things you might not know about Kjell Nordstrom

Kjell Anders Nordström is a Swedish economist, writer and public speaker. Amid the madness and hyperbole surrounding the new economy, Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is a guru o

Every smart PC owner knows that one of the most important features he / she needs for their computer / laptop is a good antivirus software. But how do you know which one

Based out of the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Robert Murray is a #1 Best Selling Author, Global Speaker and Business Strategist. He has written three critically acclaimed b

How to find inspiration

When being on your own passion is what drives you the most and keeps you going even when dealing with harder choices or long hours. Knowing that you are working towards a

Free wi-fi and its dangerous side

A Cabinet Office report of 2015, quoted by DailyMail UK, revealed more than half of people in the UK have fallen victim to cybercriminals. According to follow-up researc

The secret to winning a Cannes Lion

No matter the changes that the advertising world saw in the last years, Cannes Lions remains the most important festival of the industry and its awards the most wante

10 things you might not know about Lenja Faraguna

She was declared one of 12th World Changers by the New York Times Bestselling author Roy H. Williams and one of 40th most influential radio personalities under 40 by the

With regularly appearances in the world’s media (TIME Magazine, The Times, The Economist, BBC, etc), Julian Treasure is also famous for his books How to be Heard and 

2017’s fastest web browsers

Most of us tend to choose a web browser and stick with it for years. It can be hard to break away from your comfort zone – especially when you've become used to its qui

Best Marketing Ideas in 2017

Finding inspiration is something a marketer and creator should always be interested in.  We have some ideas that might give you a push to try something new and help your

American serial entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internationally recognized internet personality. First known as a leading wine cr

Virtual reality shoes Developed by Japanese firm Cerevo, the Taclim VR shoes allow you to use your feet to interact with what you see in virtual reality. The shoes

The e-commerce industry is probably one of the most competitive at this moment, globally. Therefore, having a successful online shop is not an easy task at all, let alone

Why it’s worth working with freelancers

After the economic crisis the whole system changed and it will never get back to what we used to know. That is a given fact, proven times and times again. Adapting to

If some people hate the idea of Monday, wishing for a longer weekend, some believe in the unlucky Tuesday, with three bad moments that are meant to happen. We don't belie

Afraid of storing your data on the cloud? Don’t. Just think at the fact that any email service you are using (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) is already using the cloud, so

Having your own business is like having a baby. It’s the best out there, the most beautiful and interesting and you wish everybody would see it and picture it in their

According to “The new digital divide” report created by Deloitte, digital influence has grown from 14% of all sales in 2012 (USD 0.33 Trillion) to a whopping 49% in 2

Best Cities For Young Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is never easy, either you are young and have the freshness and power to work on your side, along with initiative and courage, or a little more matur

Technology never ceases to amaze us and while some of us are always looking for the next trend and interesting thing going on, we find it harder and harder to know what i

What makes a video viral?

Creating a successful viral campaign is every marketer’s dream nowadays and many agencies aspire to the idea of creating a video that will have a huge impact on the tar

Businesses looking to sniff out a commercial opportunity have been aware of its power for a long time. According to the Sense of Smell Institute, people are able to recog

Even in minority when it comes to their numbers, compared to the men who run their own businesses or are top managers, the women possess a series of qualities that ma

How will the house of 2025 look like?

The word of the future is smart. Even in the housing and design department. And as the technology is evolving at a huge rate, we wonder how it will look like in the f

When writing a business email the line between too little and too much may be very small, therefore is important to pay attention to some of the advices that the spec

source: Screen Media Daily Digital out-of-home is no longer standing by and being just a follower or a passenger.  It has changed the face of outdoor advertising

Inspirational people to watch in 2017

Inspiration is what drives us to be better and better each day, to look up to people that give us the courage to try something new, to discover and push our limits. It's

[caption id="attachment_1778" align="aligncenter" width="634"] Tianjin Eco-City of the Future[/caption] By 2045, the futurists, quoted by dailymail, foresee 'talking' bu

Finding the right strategy that will for sure helping your brand is not an easy task. The right Instagram tools can provide analytics to inform your social media strategy

The best media mix for your brand in 2017

The media market is changing under our eyes, each year bringing something new. It’s more than obvious that, even if you are representing a smaller brand, it's not enoug

Failure is not the end

We are not used to talk about it, to consider it part of the process, to give it its big importance, to learn from it and understand that it might, or might not, take us

Old versus new technologies

The new digital technologies are always getting people curious and excited, whether it’s the digital camera that is cheaper than developing rolls upon rolls of film, or

"Romanians are smart", used to say a famous advertising campaign that brought Romania its first Cannes Lions Trophies. We are also famous for our sportsmen and sportswome

Worldwide technology trends in 2017

The technology is advancing nowadays even faster than the speed of light. Its advances and upgrades can seem overwhelming, thankfully though we have the specialists t

Too often? Too little? Not enough? Too much? One of the most important questions that rise when thinking about the social media strategy for your brand. The frequency

Top Marketing Techniques in 2017

Smart Insights recently started a research asking its readers to give their opinion on the most important trends in 2017, asking them to choose the most important marketi

source: Industry Week The future is not that bright for the human race and its abilities to hold a job in front of the future robots and the artificial intelligenc

For some years now Romania is setting the creative beat in the CEE, by winning almost all the editions of the Golden Drum Festival and by giving the CEE countries some ve

Top 20 business people to watch for in 2017

source: wisecareers Each one of us needs to be inspired, to meet and read about inspirational people and success stories that truly show us that the sky is the lim

source: medibid Up to 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year according to the FTC , and at least 534 million personal records have been compro

Music, a huge marketing tool

It has the power to connect us and therefore it’s inestimable for brands. It can also take us away and move us into an Universe where we are hard to be reached, where w

Top 10 Tips for Branding Yourself

source: Working Voices Living in the era of social media power, when the information is the key and in everybody’s reach, finding oneself’s niche and becoming

Best packaging ideas for 2017

In the very competitive and full of inspiration and imagination year such as 2017, a good product is not enough for it to become a brand and capture the consumer's at

Today is all about finding your vision and place on the market and targeting it the right way. Specific messages, created and translated in a specific way, for each m

As storytelling is the latest trend in communication, all the agencies and companies trying to bring the concept to life in their campaigns and social media presence, Ins

Best Apps for Productivity in 2017

Every day we are bombarded by tons of emails, information and social media that is really hard to keep track of what is truly essential or not. Moreover, they are eat

The Job of the Future

The future. The perfect job. All of these terms mean different things to different people. What makes us happy may not make somebody else. Forseeing into the future a

  User-friendly and making the most of one of people’s favorite activity related to owning a smartphone: taking pictures, Instagram becomes steady and sure

Ever been approached on LinkedIn in a very unprofessional manner or felt like the social network is not what is used to be? Ever shared the same type of information on th