How To Make The Most of Twitter’s New Limit of Characters

In November 2017 Twitter's representative announced the decision of expanding the character limit to 280, for nearly all of its users. Still, in February this year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, accordingly to The Verge, that the expanded tweet length hasn’t actually changed the length of messages people are sending out — but it has led to more engagement.

“One of the things we were watching for is to see if the if the average tweet size would go up as a result, and it has not,” he said. “People do have the room — we’re seeing less abandonment of tweets. But we’re also seeing a lot more engagement. We’re also seeing more retweets, and we’re seeing a lot more mentions. And we’re also seeing people get more followers and return more often.”

At the same time, commenting on the change for Forbes, Aaron Henry, FOUNDRY512 said that increasing character limits could allow for branded URLs over non-branded shortened URLs. This gives followers one more opportunity to see the hub of a brand's online presence with every tweet. A recent study by Rebrandly showed that branded URLs get 39% more engagement than non-branded ones.

With the expanded character limit, marketers working with global brands now have the ability to post their message in multiple languages in the same tweet. Often times, brands are forced to tweet the same message multiple times in a variety of different languages, which is not only irritating, but can also cause confusion. -Danny FritzSportBox Entertainment Group

Other advantages that we see after the change and that marketers and social media managers must take in consideration are:

A better customer service response

First of all, nobody can deny the fact that it’s useful to respond to a customer’s tweet and have all of your followers see it at the same time. With 140 characters added your responses can be more detailed and clear any misunderstanding.  The new character limit will allow for brands to sound more human in their dialogue with customers without having to redirect them to a call center.

Multiple links included in a tweet

If you want to maximize the overall reach of what you are trying to share with your audience on Twitter, you should find a more effective way of tweeting links and URLs. Savvy social media marketers will incorporate links into their tweets to promote their business. Now you can include links to blog entries, web pages, etc.

More mentions and hashtags

Having more space equals the possibility to use more hashtags, hence your tweet becoming more visible and attracting more engagement. At the same time, when talking about an event or a celebration, it gets easier to mention many more colleagues, participants, partners, or others within a single tweet. Getting as many mentions in as possible is always a big help in terms of spreading your message as well, as those mentioned will often be encouraged to give you a like or retweet.

Art or Patterns Using Emojis

According to Social Report, Google France posted a self-promotional tweet on their official account on Twitter and even included #280characters hashtag. "You can even create your own pattern based on your brand and values you want to relay to your audience. When Mizuno Volleyball found out they were one of the lucky ones who were granted 280 characters, they took the opportunity to make a simple emoji pattern".

Bigger Storytelling

Telling a story or having a longer narrative became much easier. Being able to more effectively use language without having to condense or abbreviate has also allowed brands and users to better expand on jokes, stories, news coverage.


The character changes will especially benefit marketers with strict disclosure rules. For instance, financial or medical tweets sometimes need to be labelled for compliance reasons, and some paid tweets require disclosure in the text.

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