Why you should create a Facebook group for your business

Does your company run a Facebook page? Your answer is probably yes.

2018 statistics say 80 million businesses have a Facebook page and more than 1 billion Facebook users visit them. Your company uses its dedicated Facebook page to develop its online brand, connect with customers, and run Facebook Ads.

This article presents 3 reasons you should create a Facebook Group for your business, 4 examples of Facebook Groups (what their members are posting about and which businesses could get involved in their conversations) and what are the benefits for your business.


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Does your company have a Facebook group?

During his opening keynote at the 2018 Facebook’s F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned 1.4 billion people on Facebook use Groups every month. Considering there are currently 2.1 billion Facebook users, a simple math calculation reveals that 67% of these users are members of a Facebook Group. This is a lot! Take a moment to think about your own activity on Facebook: are you member of a Facebook Group?

In a community, you can meet new people who share your values – for some, this might be a support group for new parents. For others, it might be about a disease you have. For others, it might be about finding people to come together and volunteer.

Mark Zuckerberg


The feeling of belonging is in our nature and being a member of a particular group satisfies this need. We wish to be with people that share our interests and are passionate about the same subjects we are. And Facebook is the perfect platform to make us feel connected and included.

The addition of the new Groups tab on Facebook will make groups a more central part of the Facebook experience, the CEO explained.

In addition to the new tab, the company is launching a new Groups plugin which invites people to join a Facebook group instead of liking a Business Page.

Reasons to create a Facebook Group for your business

  1. In December 2017 Facebook changed its algorithm and this change influenced users’ feeds as follows: more posts from friends, family members and groups and less posts from pages. Here is Facebook explaining how posts enter our newsfeeds based on ranking factors:

2. For many business pages this change meant a serious drop of their posts’ organic reach to as little as 2%;

3. Facebook’s interest in groups has increased in the past months:

  • Page admins now have the opportunity to create a group linked to their business page;
  • Group admins have received extended analytics tools to measure and analyse their group activity;
  • Facebook is looking to launch a new Groups plugin that admins and developers can add to their websites and emails.

What about Facebook group members?

Let’s look at a few Facebook groups and find out how your business can use a dedicated Facebook group.


  1. Dogs/cats groups

People profile: People join these groups to share their common love of their furry friends. They share photos and videos of their four-legged family members, ask for vet recommendations when they are sick, look for training advice and the latest pet food brand. When their beloved dog or cat has passed away, people receive emotional support from the members of these groups.

Businesses profile: pet food suppliers, dog trainers, vet cabinets, pet-sitters, hotels that allow pets etc.


  1. Weight-loss groups

People profile: Women are constantly wishing they were thinner and are looking for the next diet that will help them achieve their dream. Members of these groups share before and after photos, meal programs and recipes with low calories intake. Losing weight is an ongoing battle and like every soldier, these women need emotional support and encouragement. And they receive support from the other women in these groups.

Businesses profile: nutritional services, meal planners, food caterers, life coaches, therapy services etc.


  1. Photography groups

People profile: Photographers are craftsmen; they exercise their craft with every photo they take. They use these groups to show their photos, receive constructive comments about what he or she could have done better to improve the photo’s quality.

Businesses profile: photography equipment suppliers, photography courses, photo editing software suppliers etc.


  1. Business groups

People profile: Entrepreneurs and business managers join these groups to look for business ideas or advice, time-management tools, business networking opportunities etc. They use these groups to find suppliers and business partners or to ask questions when they come across a business related problem.

Businesses profile: business loan services, CRM software suppliers, marketing and communication services, accounting services, business consultancy etc.

Important points to take into account when creating a Facebook group

The main reason for creating a Facebook group for your business is to grow a community around your brand.

The purpose of your group is:

  1. To help its members;
  2. To provide insightful advice;
  3. To help its members develop their passions and achieve their goals.

Your business is there to support them in their achievements by providing your valuable products and services. If you succeed, the members will become your buying customers.

Benefits for your business:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Customer insights: valuable information to help your business improve its products/services;
  • Opportunity to build trust and connection allowing your business to influence members’ buying decisions;
  • Opportunity to become a love brand by supporting their passions and interests.


As a marketer or entrepreneur, if you understand how to leverage people’s need to belong and share, your company’s Facebook Group may become the most successful tool in your business development strategy!